Monday, 18 March 2013

Spilling the Beans

Because of my lapse in blogging I never posted how we told our families and friends about the babies. So now I get to share with you how I came up with the ideas all by myself LOL yeah right I would like to thank google and YouTube for the ideas.

I'll start off with his parents and siblings. We had them all over for dinner. I suggested that we haven't had a family picture in awhile and I needed a new one for the wall. They gathered around and I stood to take the picture. So I go to take the picture and Matt says "everybody say... Holly's pregnant!" Every jaw in the room dropped and gasps were all that were heard. After what seemed like an hour everybody final clued into what he said and was ecstatic. We were hugged and tears were shed. Then I told them I needed a real family picture and to gather back around. Everybody posed and this time Matt said "everybody say... With triplets!" The reactions were priceless. Everybody screamed and cried. Even I cried (hormones, it was all the hormones). They did not believe us (naturally.... I don't even still believe it!). It was a fantastic surprise!

We told my grandparents and one of my close aunts when we were over at my grandparents houses for dinner. I got up and simply said "you know, you guys are such amazing grandparents we decided to make you great-grandparents!" It took a second to register I think but finally my grandpa smiled and said "wait, you're pregnant?!" I nodded and everybody erupted with laughs and screams. Then Matt said "but wait don't you guys want to see a picture?" I pulled the ultrasound out of my purse and on it printed was "ITS TRIPLETS!!!" My grandma was the first one to realize what is said and she started crying right away, which made my grandpa ask what? She showed him and he started crying too which made my cry hard! I've never been an emotional person, what are these babies doing to me?

Anyway, those are our stories! I thought they were well planned and executed perfectly *brushes shoulder*. Everybody is super excited which makes me super excited one minutes then I came to my senses and remember that I'm having three freaking human beings, then I have a panic attack and when I finally calm down I start again.

We have an appointment with the perinatologist again tomorrow to check dee babes and make sure they're getting fatter. We are also going to find out the genders tomorrow and y'all will be the first to hear! I know you'll be waiting refreshing the page minute by minutes waiting for an update ;)

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