Sunday, 17 March 2013

I'm A Horrible Blogger

I've been MIA for a little while and decided to get my butt in gear and update this thing So here we go!

I posted before that my mom passed away on January 18th and I was an emotional wreck after that. I decided to take a couple weeks off from work (and basically everything else in my life) to make arrangments for her estate and settle everything with her will. With all the stress from that I admit I was not taking care of myself and I ended up in the hospital for dehydration. I went to a routine OB appointment and had lost 14 pounds so he told me to get my ass to the hospital. He ended up keeping me there for 4 days for rehydration. After that I was released with orders to rest and EAT. Luckily, at that point all the babies were measuring right on schedule.

Then I had an appointment with the perinatologist the following Monday. I was 13 weeks at this point and had gained back a little more weight. But when the perinatologist did an ultrasound he found that Baby A was measuring smaller, not a lot smaller but enough for it to be significant. He said he wanted to see me again in a week because the measurements could be leading to twin-to-twin-transfusion syndrome (TTTS) or in our case triplet to triplet. 

I went back the next week (14 weeks) and he was concerned because Baby A seemed to not have grown as much as he expected and its fluid was a tad low and Baby B had grown a lot more and its fluid was on the higher side. The doctor diagnosed us with Level 1 TTTS and wanted me back another week later to check again. 

A week later (15 weeks) I went back and Baby A had not grown at all, which as an expectant mother hearing this is the scariest effing thing in the world. He decided that if in another week Baby A had not grown a significant amount he was going to have to preform a laser surgery - what is this star wars or something? (If you get that reference you get 10 points) - that severs the connection between Baby A and Baby B. 

Week 16 rolls around and I'm sitting in the doctors office hearing that I have to have surgery to save my babies lives. Umm, excuse me? This pregnancy is suppose to be rainbows and puppies, not lasers and surgery! I did not sign up for this.

The surgery sounds a whole lot scary than it actually was. I went into the OR, they have me am epidural (which hurts like a bitch by the way) and put up the curtain and that was pretty much my taking part. Behind the blue curtain they use a fetoscope (do you like how technical I am?) and an ultrasound to guide the laser and then they take the lightsaber laser and sever the blood vessels connecting Baby A and Baby B. 

The surgery was done and has had no complications. I had to stay over night in the hospital to be monitored closely but there were absolutely no complications, other than a bit of itching from the epidural. I went back to the perinatologist a week later (17 weeks), he did an ultrasound and said that all 3 babies are doing great! *happy dance* They all have good measurements except Baby A who's measuring about 16 weeks but he said that's normal and he/she should catch up within a couple of weeks to a month. 

I'll try and make another post later today but right now the babies want a nice big Caesar salad with all the trimmings! And what the babies want the babies get, that makes me a good mother, right?

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  1. You're a strong mama! I admire that. How exciting about the 3 little ones!!! God bless!