Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Adeline, Eloise, and Olivia

Here's the updates since the girls arrived:

UPDATE # 1 (Sunday night) 
The girls are here and they are fighters! I don't know everything about them yet just weights and names. Baby A - Adeline - 1 pound Baby B - Eloise - 1 pound 7 ounces Baby C - Olivia - 1 pound 4 ounces I'm told they are tiny but mighty. I haven't seen them yet because they are waiting for my blood pressure to come down before they move me. I'll post more when I know more.
UPDATE#2 (Monday morning)
I got to see the girls last night at 11 when my bp had finally come down a bit. The nurses kept telling me just to try and rest but I finally convinced then that there was no possibility of that until I see my babies. They are tiny. It was a bitter sweet moment seeing them for the first time. It was amazing to look at them and know that they are here and alive against all odds. But then again they are sick little girls. They have cords and tubes coming from everywhere and there's machines beeping and buzzing and thumping. They are too sensitive to be touched which is the hardest part other than seeing them hooked up to everything. It was overwhelming to say the least. I've been pretty emotional this morning. Hormones probably. I'm sore and tired even though I did get a bit of sleep after visiting. I'm trying to stay strong for my girls though. I'm hopefully going down there again later this morning. I'll update again when I can. Please keep thinking of us and praying for our girls.
UPDATE #3 (Monday night)
I got to spend a lot more time with my girls this morning/afternoon. I'm so emotional I cried almost the whole time. All of them are so teeny tiny it's hard to believe. When you think of your babies you're expecting a plump newborn that cries and poops and opens their eyes but with preemies that's not the case. I don't know what I was expecting to see when I visit them. This all feels like a really bad dream I'm going to wake up from. I met the neonatologist here and he's said this is going to be a very long road. We have some pretty sick little girls. Adeline (Baby A) is now only 15 ounces, Eloise (Baby B) has lost 2 ounces (now 1 lb 5 oz) and Olivia (Baby C) has stayed at 1 lb 4oz. They are all on ventilaters and will be for weeks to come. It's scary to think of the road we have ahead of us but we're taking it one day at a time right now.
UPDATE #4 (Tues Night)
Been quite a rough day today for both the girls and me.We'll start with me - I've barely slept since the girls were born. I'm exhausted but I can't sleep. I'm beyond sore everywhere. I'm so emotional I haven't stopped crying since Sunday. Now the girls - Adeline has a small whole in her heart, called a PDA. They are treating it with medication but if it does not close up they will have to do surgery. I am not taking that well. How is my less then a pound baby suppose to survive through surgery? Her breathing is quite laboured still. She's remained at 15 ounces today. Eloise also has a whole in her heart but her's is larger. They are treating her with the same medicine but it's more likely that she will have to have surgery. Again, I'm not okay with my little girl having surgery. She has lost another ounce and is now at 1 pound 4 ounces. Olivia now has a lung infection and is in critical condition. They are treating her with antibiotics but have told us to prepare for the worst. She's lost 3 ounces today and is now only 1 pound 1 ounce. Very stressful day today. I'm numb from crying so much and I need a long rest but every time I close my eyes I can't fall asleep. DH has taken a couple weeks off from work so he's here which has made a difference. 


  1. Hey Holly.... i'm one of the group owners on BBC. Haven't heard any news on you or the princesses, so I hope you are alright.... Everone is worried and playing for you guys! Please let us know what's going on whenever you can. Keeping you all in my prayers! ♥

  2. Hugs to you! I know you're spending all of your emotions, energy and love on your girls. We are still praying for all of them, but would love an update. I know we'll probably never meet, but you cross my mind throughout the day and my prayers. When you're ready we'd love to know how you're doing. Praying for them all, especially little Olivia.

  3. Im so sorry youre going through so mucjh right now, im really touched by your strength however and i hope that you can find serenity in God , to trust him no matter what happens. My now 2 yr old daughter was also born w pda , pacs, and a heart murmer. They have not opt for surgery yet at this point and my daughter , appears very active and normal