Saturday, 12 January 2013

Doctor Appointment Número 1

**warning I'm writing this from my phone so I make no promises on how it will look**

The 'triplets' and I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon. Everything went well. My doctor is still hooked on this whole 'triplets' thing though. I asked if he would do another ultrasound and he said not then but he did give me more information about these human beings growing in my uterus.

He said that because they are all sharing one placenta there could be complications down the road but not to worry he'd be monitoring me very closely. Also he's sending me to a perinatologist, which did you know? is a doctor specializing in high risk pregnancies? Wow, you learn something knew every day! Now I'm just waiting for his/her office to call with an appointment. My OB said that I will be seeing mainly him unless something happens along the way that I need the perinatologist. I asked him that if they only have one placenta it means they are identical? He answered with the chances of them being identical are very high. The only chance they would be fraternal would be if the placentas fused together but the chance of that this early in pregnancy and with three are very slim. Everywhere I read it give me a different number as to how common identical triplets are, some say 1 in 60,000 and some say 1 in 2,000,000.

I also asked him about bed rest. This is a very big deal for me. I hate, let me repeat for exaggeration, hate having people take care of me. It's my number one pet peeve. Sure, it sounds great to lay in bed all day but not being able to do anything for myself would put me over the edge and I'd have to be admitted to the mental ward. He said at some point during the pregnancy I will most likely have to be on some kind of bed rest. Whether it's 10 weeks or 35 weeks depends on if anything goes wrong. He told me that if I take it easy (ex. no bungee jumping, marathons, skydiving) I should make it pretty far without being on bed rest. That is if nothing else goes wrong that's out of my control.

Another one of my billion questions was, when should I expect to deliver? I mean I know my 40 week due date is August 20th but triplets go before that, right? He said normally triplets are delivered 32/33 weeks but he's had a patient go to 36.5 weeks with triplets. That lady is my hero. But then again if something happens I could deliver as early as 24 weeks and the babies would still be viable but at 24 weeks they have a 50% chance of survival and babies that do survive are at risk for life long term effects.

Then came the big topic. Reduction. As much as I seem like I don't think we can take care of triplets reduction is not an option for us. Not for religious reasons. Not for political reasons. Not even for moral reasons. If we were to reduce the risk to the other babies is too high and not a risk we're willing to take. And how would we choose who to reduce? I've read it's the baby closest. That's how each baby's fate is decided? Whoever gets the room closest gets reduced? How is that fare? I'm going to get deep for a second hold onto your seats ladies and gents. I'm am pro choice. If that's a choice you can make for yourself by all means go for it. Just make sure you learn your lesson and don't do it again. I don't think the government should tell a woman what to do with her body. But that being said it is choice I could never make. I could never say to someone, 'yes okay kill my baby, kill something I have created.'

Okay that's enough deep thoughts with Holly for today! Overall it was a good appointment and a lot if my questions were answered. My OB is awesome and not to mention really good looking. He didn't rush me or give me shit answers ever. Awesome doctor!

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