Sunday, 13 January 2013

I Can Eat!

Update: I CAN EAT! WOHOOOOOOOO! I haven't thrown up at all today! I got up and without even getting my head off the pillow and stuck four crackers in my mouth. My initial reaction was to pull them back out and puke but I choked them down and actually felt okay! Yay! Go Holly! Are you getting sick of all the exclamation points yet?! Woooo!

So now what do I want to eat? Lays salt and vinegar chips. What? I hate salt and vinegar anything but right now that's all I can think about. I sent Matt put to get some and he's not back yet. Seriously, we live like five minutes away from the store how long does it take to grab the chips pay for them and leave? Oh shit is my bitchy hormonal pregnant lady side showing? Fuck.

He's back! Woohoo! Gotta go get me some chips! Okay, Holly enough exclamation points.

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