Monday, 14 January 2013

THAT Smell

Okay, first I have to start with - I love my job. I absolutely, completely, whole heartily love my job. I work in a nursing home as a recreation coordinator, which basically means I play games with the elderly. I love my job... when I'm not pregnant.

My pregnancy nose is on high alert and I can smell everything. For example I'm pretty sure this morning our neighbours four doors up had bacon, eggs and French toast for breakfast. Yeah, it's that good. Don't cha wish you're nose could smell like mine. Do do do 🎶. Okay focus Holly. Where was I? Oh right, the smells at work. I'm sure you're all aware that the elderly don't smell beautimous (if you understand the reference there you get 10 points). Well my pregnancy super smelling powers + the beautimous aroma of the dear sweet elderly = a very angry stomach. It's horrible. I was doing so well this morning. Before I got up I shoved some saltines down my throat and wasn't sick at all I got to work and got up to the floor and boom puke everywhere. Okay not everywhere, I've learned how to aim but I had to make it somewhat dramatic. I'm pretty sure at least two of the girls I work with know I'm knocked up of course they won't say anything but I'm not hiding it very well while in the middle of bingo I have to run to the bathroom like I ate a a shotty Mexican food place.

*sigh* I guess they're going to find out sooner or later, right?

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  1. How are you?? Update is in BBC. Hope you are well.